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Launched in June 2017, the MESH List is a joint initiative by the Drug Information and Medication Safety teams of the Pharmacy department, with the aim of developing a highly accessible one-stop portal offering accurate information on medications that require special handling.

The MESH List aims to reduce medication errors that arise from inadequate understanding of how certain medications should be prepared, administered or stored.


This resource is geared towards all healthcare professionals in the medical team (namely pharmacists, nurses and physicians), since they all deal with complex drugs on a regular basis.

We provide information on a whole host of medications,

including oral formulations, injectables and topical medications.

The information on MESH List is based upon multiple references to ensure its accuracy,

and is constantly updated and enhanced by licensed senior pharmacists.

Project Lead
Carol Chan
Principal Pharmacist
(Drug Info)
Project Lead
Adeline Wee
Principal Pharmacist
(Med Safety)
Founder / Advisor
Kenneth Leung
Senior Pharmacist


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